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K Greenberg Skull
“Brain Dead”  (c) Kenny Greenberg 2005.
Hand drawn silver nitrate glass filled with argon mercury.
Cow skull found in Arizona. Power supply.
14″H 12″W 20″L 2005

K_Greenberg Koh at Deitch
“The End of My Life as a Rabbit in Love” Deitch Projects NY 2007.
Concept by Terence Koh. Technical design, execution, and programming by Kenny Greenberg.
Each of two sculptures composed of 192 single electrode white neon pieces
with individual transformers contained within metal globes, external control system.
Programming was synched to performance.
Each sculpture is 108″H 96″W 96″D

A shot taken at Krypton Neon Studio in Long Island City, NY.
Center of photo is:
” Ouija Light” (c) Kenny Greenberg 2002.
Interactive animated outdoor installation controlled
by oversized indoor Ouija Board at Hudson River Museum “The Magic of Light” exhibition.
Wood, plastic, multi-colored neon components, dmx controlled power supplies, computer.
96″H 80″W 30″D. (Ouija table not shown).